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Webinar: Enabling Microservices from Startups to the Enterprise

Webinar: Enabling Microservices from Startups to the Enterprise

September 28, 2016

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Technology has become a competitive differentiator for modern enterprises as they navigate consumer expectations. Their customers want high performance, high availability, scalability, as well as new features that are shipped early and often. At the same time, the monolithic architectures that traditionally power enterprise applications make it difficult to scale, manage upgrades, and launch new services quickly.

In the last few years, microservices have come to the forefront of the conversation. Microservices have been rapidly adopted due to their ability to provide modularity, scalability, high availability, as well as facilitate organizational alignment.

In this webinar, two practitioners of Microservices, Jon Dokulil, VP of Engineering at sports software startup Hudl, and Yursil Kidwai, VP of Technology at UPS i-Parcel, discussed

  • How they moved to a microservices architecture
  • Their implementation process
  • How they used microservices to better align their organization to ship code faster and cut costs

Learn more about the background behind microservices, their advantages, and how new generations of technologies, such as MongoDB, enable them.

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