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Visualize Your Data with MongoDB Charts

Visualize Your Data with MongoDB Charts

January 09, 2019

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MongoDB Charts, now available in beta on MongoDB Atlas, is the fastest and easiest way to create visualizations of MongoDB data. Connect to any MongoDB instance as a data source, create charts and graphs, build dashboards, and share them with other users for collaboration.

Learning Objectives:

  • Connect data sources securely: Connect to any of your MongoDB deployments and as long as you have access, you can add it as a data source in MongoDB Charts. Learn how to control access to your data sources within Charts - make them private, open to all users of your Charts deployment, or shared only with select users.
  • Build dashboards and charts: Explore your data, quickly building visualizations with an intuitive UI.
  • Work with complex data: MongoDB Charts natively supports the richness of the document model, including nested and hierarchical data
  • Share dashboards and collaborate: Learn how to allow editing for collaboration or just view-only access for visibility. Use dashboards for collaborative analysis or presentation of results.

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