Visualize Your Data with MongoDB Charts

PublishedJanuary 9, 2019

MongoDB Charts, now available in beta on MongoDB Atlas, is the fastest and easiest way to create visualizations of MongoDB data. Connect to any MongoDB instance as a data source, create charts and graphs, build dashboards, and share them with other users for collaboration.

Learning Objectives:

  • Connect data sources securely: Connect to any of your MongoDB deployments and as long as you have access, you can add it as a data source in MongoDB Charts. Learn how to control access to your data sources within Charts - make them private, open to all users of your Charts deployment, or shared only with select users.
  • Build dashboards and charts: Explore your data, quickly building visualizations with an intuitive UI.
  • Work with complex data: MongoDB Charts natively supports the richness of the document model, including nested and hierarchical data
  • Share dashboards and collaborate: Learn how to allow editing for collaboration or just view-only access for visibility. Use dashboards for collaborative analysis or presentation of results.

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