Using MongoDB for Vertical Big Data - Hotel Operational Intelligence with Duetto Edge

PublishedMay 10, 2013
Host(s)MongoDB San Francisco 2013, Craig Weissman

Duetto Edge represents a modern cloud based Enterprise Analytic Application for the travel vertical and for hotels specifically. We believe today’s horizontal data store plumbing underserves large vertical markets such as ours. We have built a high performance multitenant Enterprise Data Warehouse and Analytic Engine on MongoDB tuned to the needs of Revenue Management and future pricing optimization. We use MongoDB both for our metadata store (similar to Salesforce's metadata-driven architecture) as well as our Star Schema Analytic pipeline which includes a bulk ETL engine and Analytic server. We will discuss best practices for using MongoDB for Enterprise software design and operations including smooth upgrades. We will also discuss best practices for analytic applications designed with MongoDB.