Transitioning for Scale: MongoDB at Datahug

PublishedJune 2, 2015


Ray Smith, CEO and Co-founder at DataHug

Datahug built its first product on a SQL database, and within three months it was deployed in some of the world's largest professional services corporations. We quickly realized that if we wanted to grow as large as our ambitions, we'd need a far more scalable and efficient architecture. We needed a noSQL database and as much in-memory power as possible. In this session, you'll hear about the business drivers, research and prototyping that ultimately led to our selection and rollout of MongoDB. We'll discuss how we pulled off the transition with the whole company on the line, with both engineering and C-suite collaborating for success. We will share some of the ups and downs of our ""big bang"" switch, and where our business stands today because of those decisions.