Transform Binary Data Inside Vehicles to Information

PublishedJuly 14, 2021

Bosch.IO @MongoDB .live 2021

MongoDB's schema-less design, change streams and aggregation pipelines, the core of Bosch IoT Insights, help Bosch engineers, who develop electronic control units and vehicle computers for car functions like windshield wiping, anti-lock braking, and automated driving. They run test drives and control checks every day and work hard on achieving nowadays high customer's expectations and demanding legal standards on protection and safety.

Learn how Bosch IoT Insights supports automotive engineers to utilize modern car inter-component networking communication. Recorded communication can be decode into both: human-readable information and further analyzable MongoDB documents instantaneously using MongoDB’s change streams. Additionally Steffen Gürtler, Expert IoT Data Management at Bosch, talks about how live aggregation reports let the engineers always know, where they stand and keep them on track through the quality assurance process.

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