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Trading up: Adding Flexibility and Scalability to Bouygues Telecom with MongoDB

June 24, 2014

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Technical topics covered: Schema Design, Integration | Languages used: Java | Size of Deployment: 3 shard cluster

At Bouygues Telecom, we rely heavily on our user data to relay the best possible services. We had been using a proprietary solution for our directory of customer services. This system is used by severals other teams, such as voicemail, customer identification, online services and the mobile marketplace, for online payments, OAuth and network authentication. We faced several problems with scalability and the frequent changes in our data model as services changed on a daily basis, and decided to build our own software to meet our needs. MongoDB's sharding and schema free document model made it a perfect fit for our in-house solution. The system is now designed to manage 12 million customers, 3000 request per second and availability of 99.9%. In six months we were able to build the new system that effectively connects the our various systems and partners, leading to a simpler and more streamlines system for access. In this talk we will discuss how we build this system from the ground up with MongoDB, Storm and Tomcat REST Services.

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