Splunk's Hunk: A Powerful Way to Visualize Your Data Stored in MongoDB

PublishedSeptember 16, 2014
Host(s)MongoDB Seattle 2014, Mark Groves

Big Data is the next application platform because it offers developers access to vast amounts of disparate data with the promise of massive flexibility. Splunk has long be known for working with machine data, of which the most prevalent is time-series text log data. Last year however, Splunk released Hunk to allow for analytics of Hadoop data stored in HDFS utilizing MapReduce. Offering the full power of Splunk’s analytics, search language, dashboards & visualizations, in a seamless experience of querying the data in a Splunk index or a virtual index in Hadoop. Hunk 6.1 has expanded the virtual index functionality further by opening this technology to any data store. Splunk and MongoDB have partnered to offer a results provider for MongoDB, allowing users of Hunk to query data in MongoDB the same way they would query data in a Splunk index or Hadoop virtual index. Mark will discuss how Splunk software, including both Splunk Enterprise and HUNK, provides developers with a robust, familiar development experience using standards based web technologies, such as HTML5 and Javascript, for working with Big Data.