Social Content Management with MongoDB

Sandra O'Keeffe

Architect at Rivet Logic

March 11, 2013

We will provide an overview of the architecture and design of a lightweight content management system built on MongoDB. Ideally suited for managing social content -- creating a blog site, a discussion forum, or adding user generated content to an existing website -- Crafter Social is an open source Java app built on MongoDB. Our talk will focus on design considerations and MongoDB's unique features that make it perfectly suitable as a highly-scalable, multi-tenant social object store. We use MongoDB to store social objects of all types: user comments, threaded discussions, blog entries, and more. The document-oriented approach of MongoDB provides the foundation for social content management applications that need high-performance, high-scalability, and rapid speed of development. We also cover our design approach for user profile management, which supports configurable (on-the-fly) profile attributes, roles management, and pluggable authentication.