Signpost: Behind the Curtain

Signpost: Behind the Curtain

Matt Insler

June 07, 2011

Signpost uses MongoDB for request, event, and exception tracking, as well as flexible real-time reporting. The speed and throughput of MongoDB enables Signpost to do this efficiently. In this talk I'll explore some of our backend tools, the data structure, and the processes we use to manage it. I'll show the event tracking that provides real-time business analytics. The request tracking that allows us to see what our users are doing (i.e. funnel analysis), diagnose their issues, and re-create their problems by cross-referencing exceptions with visitors and sessions. The exception tracking that helps us triage our problems, using Mongo's aggregation features to see how often each type of exception happens. And finally how we use all of this data to detect and manage purchase fraud as well as attempts to game our system.

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