Save The World And Money with MongoDB Data Lake

PublishedJune 9, 2020

Data centers are expensive. They are also not very good for the environment. By 2040, storing digital data is set to create 14% of the world’s emissions, around the same proportion as the US does today. As a developer or a data scientist, you are probably working with a lot of data. Your clusters tend to get ever larger and more expensive every day. Now is the time to be a hero, save the world and your wallet.

In this live coding session, MongoDB Developer Advocate Maxime Beugnet will show you how to retire your cold data automatically to an AWS S3 bucket using MongoDB Realm Triggers and Functions. Maxime will also demonstrate how to keep querying this cold data using MongoDB Atlas Data Lake with zero downtime.

MongoDB DataLake was announced here at MongoDB World a year ago. Curious developers, beginners or experts will walk away from this session with a clear understanding of its features and capabilities. Join this session and be equipped to save the world.