Sainsbury’s Fireside Chat: The tech behind Feeding the Nation

PublishedNovember 10, 2020

Join this fireside chat to learn more about the journey of Sainsbury’s, a 150-year-old British retailer on a mission to change the way they operate to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing and highly competitive marketplace.

Find out how Sainsbury’s is bringing digital, tech and data together like never before. By testing, experimenting and learning to think nimble.

We will talk about how giving developers time and freedom has helped Sainsbury’s to push boundaries and innovate, creating amazing systems built on strong technologies. This new approach, backed with big-business influence and knowhow, is precisely why they have partnered with MongoDB!

We hope you enjoy our fireside chat, if you would like to learn more, take a look at our MongoDB for Retail page.

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