Real-Time Analytics with MongoDB Change Streams

PublishedOctober 14, 2021

Querying over a million data points to compute analytics takes time — which is a problem when you need real-time updates. With MongoDB, you can meet the challenges of modern analytics by delivering insights directly on fresh, operational data without time-consuming and fragile ETL. In this 20-minute presentation, you’ll learn how organizations like Rent the Runway, Verizon, and Pitney Bowes are using MongoDB for analytics to help them visualize unstructured data, deliver real-time intelligence, scale diverse workloads in the cloud, and harness the power of AI.

Shrey Batra, MongoDB User Group lead, will discuss how MongoDB creates patterns of data modelling and application architecture, so any new use case can be solved in a plug-and-play type architecture, without affecting your application code.

Topics include:

  • What is Real-Time Analytics?
  • Modelling High Volume Metrics
  • MongoDB Change Streams [Plug-n-Play]
  • MongoDB Atlas Triggers
  • Solving a Real Life Example

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