Purpose Built Optimizations for Time-Series Workloads in MongoDB 5.0


Time series data is generated everywhere-- from the heartbeat sensor in your smartwatch all the way to DevOps teams monitoring network traffic. However, you can face many challenges while building applications for time series data when using Relational and NoSQL databases. Both require manual schema optimization in order to provide high speed data ingestion, as well as custom ETL routines for archiving aged data.

In MongoDB 5.0, all the hard work is done for you!

During this 25-minute session, we’ll showcase some of the powerful and new native time series capabilities introduced in MongoDB 5.0. Through schema and indexing optimizations coupled with powerful new indexing and query functionality, you’ll learn how to build and run time series workloads faster, easier, and at a lower cost than ever before.

Topics include:

  • What is Time Series Data?
  • The Challenges of Existing Time Series Solutions
  • New Time Series Capabilities on MongoDB 5.0: Native Time Series Platform
  • How to Use MongoDB’s Purpose Built Time Series Collections for your Applications

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