Mixmax: Powering the future of email communication with MongoDB Atlas

PublishedSeptember 19, 2017

Mixmax aims to revolutionize how people communicate with people outside of their organizations and businesses by providing powerful analytics, enhancements, and automation for all outbound communications.

After facing availability challenges with a 3rd-party service provider, Mixmax switched to MongoDB Atlas for better security, reliability and support. Now Mixmax relies on MongoDB Atlas to send millions of messages through their platform and track analytics events. By migrating to Atlas, the team can stay focused on delivering customers value and receive world-class support from the engineers who build the database.

“We would recommend MongoDB Atlas to anyone who's looking for a MongoDB as a service provider. It's been great for us in terms of reliability and security, and the support that we get from MongoDB's engineers has been wonderful.”

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See a Javascript library that Mixmax built for MongoDB that helps them fetch millions of records.