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Partner Webinar: Advanced Reporting and ETL for MongoDB: Easily Build a 360-Degree View of Your Customers, and More with Pentaho 5.0

October 09, 2013

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The value of MongoDB increases dramatically with Pentaho 5.0. It is now possible to access, blend, visualize and report on MongoDB in combination with any other data source for increased insight and operational analytics. By providing just-in-time data blending, you can access an extended 360-Degree view of the customer. This webinar gives an in-depth look at the new and powerful capabilities available to MongoDB developers. See real-world examples of how companies are tapping MongoDB data and blending it with vast amounts of other data sources to reveal fresh insights into customer behavior, preferences and profiles. From product marketers to sales reps to the C-suite executives, business decision makers crave this enhanced level of analytics. Here are a few highlights of the value of Pentaho 5.0 for MongoDB developers:

  • Dramatically improve ease-of-use for reporting - Meta data discovery
  • Accelerated query performance for data in MongoDB - Rich support for aggregation pipelines
  • Optimized reporting with no impact on cluster performance - Support for replica sets and tag sets
  • Increased insight by blending MongoDB data with ANY data source - Pentaho big data blending at the source

Demand from the MongoDB community for a well-integrated, powerful, interactive reporting and operational analytics tool intensifies as the big data market matures. Pentaho and MongoDB, Inc. engineers worked collaboratively for over a year to tightly integrate and exploit the latest features and capabilities. Attend this webinar to see an easier and more powerful option for MongoDB developers.

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