MongoDB for Single Customer View

November 06, 2014

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One of the promises of Big Data is to allow companies to know their customers more intimately and communicate with them more personally. Yet simply storing more and more data about customers is in itself not fulfilling that promise - the traditional view of a warehouse full of customer data, or even a modern data lake do not unify the data in a way that is flexible and yet usable. MongoDB combines a unique set of features and functionality that can better enable companies to unify their information about a customer. Single Customer View solutions architected with MongoDB have more flexibility, speed, and expandability that traditional solutions, and can give companies a competitive edge in their customer analytics, customer engagement, and even risk and compliance. This talk will discuss in detail how the features and architecture of MongoDB directly relate to better enabling large Single View of Customer projects, and then linking them to specific use cases around SVC. Once we have introduced the overall set of features within MongoDB and how they relate, this will be shown in the context of a Single View system currently being developed internally within Capgemini .

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