Uwe Seiler

Senior ITConsultant at codecentric AG

October 16, 2012

Map/Reduce is a popular programming model for processing large data sets. MongoDB supports this programming model giving loads of opportunities for cool applications and business models. But with the release of MongoDB 2.2 there are now 3 different ways of aggregating data with MongoDB: 1. Map/Reduce in MongoDB 2. The Aggregation Framework in MongoDB 3. Map/Reduce using the MongoDB Hadoop Adapter The talk aims to reduce the confusion about these different approaches and will give guidance when to best use which method. In doing so I will give an overview of the three methods using a practical example, have a look at the pro's and con's of each method and ultimately give use cases for the different methods. The talk is intendend to be held in English, but as a native speaker the talk can also be given in German. This solely depends on the audience and the organizators wishes :-)