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MongoDB in Chicago: Benefits of Using MongoDB Over RDBMS

Matt Kalan

March 03, 2015

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Rapid Development and Performance By Transitioning from RDBMSs to MongoDB

Modern day application requirements demand rich & dynamic data structures, fast response times, easy scaling, and low TCO to match the rapidly changing customer & business requirements plus the powerful programming languages used in today's software landscape.

Traditional approaches to solutions development with RDBMSs increasingly expose the gap between the modern development languages and the relational data model, and between scaling up vs. scaling horizontally on commodity hardware. Development time is wasted as the bulk of the work has shifted from adding business features to struggling with the RDBMSs.

MongoDB, the premier NoSQL database, offers a flexible and scalable solution to focus on quickly adding business value again.

In this session, we will provide:

  • Overview of MongoDB's capabilities
  • Code-level exploration of the MongoDB programming model and APIs and how they transform the way developers interact with a database
  • Update of the exciting features in MongoDB 3.0

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