MongoDB and Microservices Part 2: Creating Highly-Available MongoDB Microservices with Docker Containers and Kubernetes

PublishedAugust 1, 2017

In this webinar recording we explored how to successfully define our database infrastructure with MongoDB running on Docker containers, how to orchestrate MongoDB containers with Kubernetes in multiple environments, considerations and strategies for managing stateful MongoDB containers, and how to manage high availability and resiliency in a distributed system while running on a container technology such as Kubernetes.

What You Will Learn:

  • What to consider and how to maintain stateful databases in containers.
  • How to configure deployment files, build a MongoDB deployment, and orchestrate it with Kubernetes, including how to test it on a laptop and then deploy it to Cloud.
  • How to handle high availability in this environment, including data and application availability as well the additional error conditions the cloud and microservices introduce.

During the webinar Marco talked about three demos in his GitHub repo, work through them to learn how to deploy a highly-available MongoDB replica set as a StatefulSet on Kubernetes.

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