MongoDB and Meteor: an Architecture for Realtime Web Apps

Matt DeBergalis

May 10, 2013

Meteor is a new JavaScript application platform -- specifically designed to work with MongoDB -- for building modern realtime web applications. These applications, like live analytics dashboards or those that show live data feeds, all have a way to send realtime updates to connected users when documents in their database change. Meteor and MongoDB offer an elegant architecture for managing the flow of data in a realtime app using the familar MongoDB APIs. In Meteor, MongoDB queries return live results that can change over time, so the application can react to changing data. Meteor threads that live API through the entire application by including Minimongo, a pure JavaScript implementation of the MongoDB API that runs inside the browser. This talk will dig into the architecture of a realtime app built on MongoDB. We'll cover tips and tricks for using MongoDB in a realtime app and demonstrate some of the design patterns we've developed.