Mobilize MongoDB! Developing iPhone and Android Apps using Titanium and Red Hat's OpenShift

PublishedAugust 28, 2012
Host(s)Grant Shipley, Webinar

Admit it, you'd rather be developing a cloud-ready mobile app with a MongoDB back end than coding an extension to that CRM, amirite? So, let's do this! Join Grant Shipley and Kevin Hanson for a technical webinar where they will walk you though everything you need to know to build a MongoDB powered mobile app. First, Kevin Hanson will demonstrate why MongoDB is the best choice for mobile apps that require a scalable back end plus give you the fundamentals you'll need to start hacking. Grant will then show you step-by-step, using a real world example, how to use Appcelerator's Titanium IDE to build your app for both the iPhone and Android platforms, integrate it with MongDB and deploy it on the cloud using the OpenShift platform-as-a-service. What's OpenShift? It's Red Hat's free, open source PaaS for scaling Node.js, Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl and Python apps. Can't wait for the webinar to get started? Then sign up now to get 1.5 GB RAM and 3 GB of storage using promo code: MOBILIZE.