Migrating to MongoDB Atlas in the Cloud with Confidence

PublishedJune 9, 2020

As customers are migrating existing on-prem MongoDB workloads to the cloud or launch new projects in the cloud, they increasingly turn to MongoDB Atlas. Sumo Logic is a leader in continuous intelligence, a new category of software to address the data challenges presented by digital transformation, modern applications, and cloud computing and has partnered with MongoDB to bring complete visibility into performance, operations, and security across Atlas databases.

In this talk, we’ll provide an overview on how Sumo Logic’s integration with MongoDB Atlas works with Atlas database and audit logs, metrics, alerts and events and how you can leverage this data within Sumo Logic to:

  • Get comprehensive visibility into the operations and health of Atlas clusters
  • Optimize the performance of Atlas clusters by identifying slow/inefficient queries and monitoring key database and system metrics
  • Get visibility into the security of your Atlas environment by monitoring user logins, audit events and project and organizational activity