MappyHealth: The MongoDB & Bio-surveillance experience

MappyHealth: The MongoDB & Bio-surveillance experience

Charles Boicey

February 20, 2013

MappyHealth, built on Mongo DB is the recent winner of the Now Trending 2012 contest sponsored by the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response. Mappy Health mines twitter data looking for health trends. It is hypothesized that social data could be a predictor to outbreaks of disease. We track disease terms and associated qualifiers to present these social trends. These events could be both positive and negative. MappyHealth seeks to foster awareness of these spikes through various mapping and analytical views. MappyHealth is cloud based, built on Mongo DB and utilizes the inherent features of MongoDB required to do real time analysis on millions of healthcare related tweets. Architecture of the MappyHealth ecosystem and configuration will be discussed.

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