Managing Your MongoDB Cloud Deployments From the Command Line

PublishedJune 10, 2020

Today, we introduce a third way to manage your MongoDB Atlas and Cloud Manager deployments. We are adding a new command-line tool; to the existing web app and API calls. This will allow you to manage your MongoDB Database as a Service (DaaS) directly from your terminal! By the end of this talk you will have seen how you can use this new tool to deploy and manage your deployments from the terminal.

This talk will detail the new ways of interacting with MongoDB Atlas, or Cloud Manager, via terminal commands. With a focus on getting up and running with your first MongoDB cluster ready to use for your production application. At the end of the session attendees should have learned about MongoDB cloud services, the new ways they can deploy and manage MongoDB workloads via the terminal and where they can learn more about this exciting new feature. This session is intended for those interested or already running their MongoDB workloads on the cloud, ideally, they should have some general knowledge around MongoDB database deployments and familiarity with the terminal.