Giving MongoDB a Way to Play with the GIS Community

PublishedJune 25, 2014
Host(s)MongoDB World 2014, Hanson Zhang

The Geographic Information System (GIS), industry is booming, especially with the continued reliance on online maps and the rise of location-aware mobile devices. GIS tech can be one of the key players in the mobile internet, big data, and the internet of things, and is an essential tool for the next generation of the global IT industry.

Yet, the GIS community is not prepared. With all the data available, GIS experts lack an off-the-shelf solutions to manage the growing volume of spatial data. Relational spatial databases (RSDB) were the leader in this field for decades, but RSDBs have failed to innovate to handle massive volumes of data coming in at high velocity.

Fortunately, MongoDB a useful tool for this challenge, but needs some tooling to create a connector to the GIS tech ecosystem. In order to bridge the gap, we built a pipeline to comply with the architecture of the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL), so that MongoDB can work with most of popular GIS tools such as OpenLayers, Mapserver, GeoServer, QGIS, ArcGIS and others with ease. In this talk, I'll go through this pipeline tool and showcase some examples of how you can use this in your next application.