Full-Scan Frenzy at Amadeus

PublishedJune 1, 2015


Laurent Dollé, Software Engineer at Amadeus Attila Tozser, System Engineer Big Data at Amadeus Nicolas Motte, Software Engineer at Amadeus Antoine Home, Software Engineer at Amadeus

Amadeus processes 1.6bn transactions per day in its data centers, pushing databases & hardware to the limit on a daily basis. In this talk, we will present how Amadeus Revenue Accounting team implemented a search & reporting application used by airlines to track their cash flows interactively. Application features (1) a user-friendly graphical interface managing & running unpredictable queries on (2) a MongoDB data warehouse, scanning several years of data synced in real-time with our main operational database. We will cover how we designed our MongoDB cluster & servers to cope with an unpredictable OLAP effort (interactive results expected on TBs of data without any index), by enforcing parallel processing through microsharding. Talk will also deal with the integration of Ops Manager API in our corporate monitoring software, allowing our global ops to operate MongoDB clusters with their existing tools.