Event Driven Architecture with MongoDB Hong Kong

PublishedAugust 27, 2020

Applications must run on a data fabric that offers the elasticity to scale up and down as needed, efficiently and cost-effectively empowering developers, engineers and analysts with the insights they need to do their jobs better.

An event-driven architecture enables you to achieve this flexibility and reliability. This webinar help you:

  • Explore how the state of the art has quickly evolved from "big data" to fast data — and the implications at an architectural level
  • Understand requirements, components, and capabilities of event-driven architecture
  • Learn how MongoDB is core to unleashing the power of real-time across the organization

With MongoDB, you can gain access to dynamic customer information in real-time, enabling innovation at scale and at lightning pace.

This webinar was delivered in Cantonese by MongoDB Senior Solutions Architect Cathlon Lau.

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