Embracing the Cloud the Right Way - Challenges and Best Practices in Europe

PublishedJune 8, 2021

When it comes to gaining agility and leading in digital transformation, there's no alternative to the cloud - the leading paradigm for new apps and systems. But should an enterprise “lift and shift” its legacy applications? Or re-architect them while moving? What’s the role of a cloud-native architecture in particular? And what are the fundamental data layers, technology stacks, development packages, and data platforms that the enterprise should be targeting? Are managed services generally the right choice – or is lock-in something to be concerned about? In short, how can companies in Europe accelerate their digital transformation by embracing the cloud in the right way?

With decades of experience in this field, Dr. Stefan Ried, Principal Analyst and Consultant at Cloudflight addressed these questions in the course of this webinar together with Mat Keep, Senior Director Products and Solutions at MongoDB. Watch the recording of the webinar to gain insights on the current status as it comes to cloud adoption in Europe and learn about potential strategies and best practices, such as an evaluation framework to help navigating the migration decision.

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