DICE Scales with MongoDB to Battle Touting and Help Fans Buy Tickets With No Booking Fees

August 30, 2016

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DICE is a mobile app where users can buy face value tickets to the best gigs, club nights and festivals with no booking fees. Or as the Guardian explained it: “DICE aims to take tickets out of the hands of touts and put them into the phones of fans.”

Part of providing that seamless experience meant that DICE needed a database that could handle massive traffic in a very short space of time, as the site is swamped when popular tickets go on sale. To get that massive scale DICE relies on MongoDB to build a ticketing application that can have high performance with thousands of operations a second.

As DICE CTO, Mio Nilsson, wrote last year: “Having MongoDB at the heart of our application strategy means we’re in a place where we feel very good about scaling this wonderful, crazy idea - best gigs, no booking fees.”

Learn how DICE Scales with MongoDB to Sell-Out Wembley Stadium in Less than 60 Seconds

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