Devops + MongoDB Serverless = Your Success!

PublishedApril 28, 2020

Serverless application development is fabulous…but, if you can’t automate your delivery pipeline, you’ll likely fail.

In this online talk, MongoDB Developer Advocate Lauren Schaefer walks you through the process of crafting test automation and DevOps pipelines for serverless apps that are built on the MongoDB Data Platform. Then, she jumps in to the always-terrifying-for-the-presenter live demo so you can see how this all works in a very practical way. She makes some changes to her code base, update her automated tests, and push her code changes. You’ll watch as the various pieces of the pipeline fail and (hopefully) succeed.

Learnings you'll walk away with:

  • How to correctly set up test automation and DevOps pipelines for serverless apps
  • How to test your pipeline and modify accordingly
  • Tips and tricks for better efficiency

If you’re a DevOps engineer or a developer responsible for creating your own Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery automation, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

You’ll walk away from this session equipped to build DevOps pipelines for your serverless apps.

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