Decentralized Identity Management with Blockchain and MongoDB

PublishedJuly 18, 2018

There continues to be incredible amount interest as well as hype and even confusion around blockchain technologies today. Much of the attention and innovation still remains focused on cryptocurrencies. However, an increasing number of enterprises across all industry sectors are now exploring how they can use blockchain to remove friction from business processes and build systems of trust. And it is becoming clear that blockchain applications need modern, full-featured, scalable, and secure databases such as MongoDB in order to unlock this potential. In this webinar you will earn how we built a distributed identity management application on blockchain using Stitch and MongoDB for a financial services use case and how you can apply these concepts and patterns to blockchain use case in your industry.

In this webinar, we explore:

  • Applications for blockchain, specifically distributed identity management
  • Blockchain deployment architectures, reusable patterns, and APIs
  • How MongoDB Stitch, change streams, graphlookup and other features enable building blockchain applications quickly and easily
  • Real-world customer use cases

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