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Customer Testimonial: Bond creates thoughtfulness at scale with MongoDB Atlas

April 04, 2017

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By building technology to send "handwritten" notes across the world from a computer or phone, Bond helps companies be more thoughtful in a scaleable way.

However, as the popularity of Bond’s service exploded, so did the number of reads to their SQL database. In order to meet the growing demands of their customers and maintain write consistency, the team at Bond turned to MongoDB to seamlessly scale their infrastructure.

Once we made the switch to MongoDB Atlas, we were able to double the number of messages we sent in only two months from the number we had sent the entire year before.

-Sam Broe, Chief Product Officer, Bond

While Bond is transforming handwritten correspondence for the 21st century, they rely on MongoDB Atlas as they scale their business.

Watch the video to learn what Bond built with MongoDB Atlas.

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