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Choosing a Database for Your Next Game

Choosing a Database for Your Next Game

March 25, 2020

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Seriously, you have one job. Make games. Since when have you wanted to be a database expert and spend all your time managing your own backend (whatever that means!)?. Here at MongoDB we think we're pretty good at managing databases and are quite happy to let you get on with the whole making games thing. Watch this webinar and see how we can take the pain and misery away from databases and enjoy the freedom to run your games anywhere.

Learn about how you can remove the database from your list of things to worry about. Get the high availability and elastic scalability of game databases without even having to lift a finger. Best of all, you'll see how easy it can be to be truly portable, and not be locked into one place.

This talk appeals to all sectors of the game development and publishing communities. Anyone who manages data or has a stake in how they use data within games will find some simple recommendations for how they can become more productive, and concentrate on the things that create value, rather than the pain of technology that gets in the way.

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