Building Your First GraphQL Client in JS

PublishedJune 10, 2020

In this talk, you will learn about GraphQL - a standard that unifies server and client communication and how to use it with MongoDB. GraphQL was designed to address several known flaws with RESTful APIs, specifically around things like non-standard CRUD operations, response validation, error handling, in-memory state management, etc. GraphQL and the tooling around it is a game-changer and by the end of this talk, you'll learn how to use it with MongoDB to supercharge your applications.

We will answer the following questions. What is the philosophy behind GraphQL? How do you architect a scalable schema? How can GraphQL boost productivity? How can you avoid common pitfalls?

We will then get a GraphQL server up and running while focusing on exploring real-world patterns for architecting our schema. We will discuss and implement practical steps to improve query performance, error handling and caching.