Build Better Apps Fast with MongoDB Stitch

PublishedApril 16, 2019

As developers, we know how important it is for applications to be real-time, but we also understand the time, effort, and cost it takes to turn real-time into reality. This is why we built MongoDB Stitch, the Serverless platform for MongoDB Atlas that helps you build better apps faster.

In this webinar, we built out live demos and coding examples that use Stitch to quickly, easily, and securely access data and services from the client using Stitch QueryAnywhere. Then wel pivot to the backend and incorporate 3rd party services in conjunction with Stitch triggers and functions to create real-time notifications and custom alerts. This will immediately enhance your customer’s experience while simplifying your business logic.

  • Stitch QueryAnywhere: the full power of working with MongoDB documents directly from your web and mobile application’s frontend with fine-grained security policies.
  • Stitch Functions: simple hosted JavaScript functions make it easy to implement application logic, securely integrate with cloud services and microservices, and build APIs.
  • Stitch Triggers: allow you to create scalable responses to database events as they occur without imposing operational overhead.

Watch this webinar and see how ridiculously easy it is to work with data with MongoDB Stitch. Once you do, your inner genius will never let you develop any other way.

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