Build 5 Star Mobile Apps, Fast with MongoDB Realm Sync and AWS

PublishedMay 26, 2021

For mobile development teams, building apps that users will love - that run fast, react to data changes in real time, and work for users regardless of the strength of signal - is the ultimate goal.

With MongoDB Realm Sync, we’re making it easy to keep data in sync across users and devices, even when connectivity isn’t guaranteed. MongoDB Realm Sync takes care of the networking and conflict resolution code, simplifying your app architecture and saving you from writing thousands of lines of code.

With MongoDB & AWS integrations, like AWS EventBridge, we make it seamless to build streaming use cases around your mobile data as well as propagate it to the rest of the backend.


Intro to MongoDB Realm Sync with a live demo Best practices for MongoDB Realm Sync + AWS MongoDB + AWS AI/ML, EventBridge, Data Ingestion, and Wavelength Q&A We will also be joined by WeKan, our strategic SI partner who specializes in Realm, to discuss Realm Sync + AWS use cases and a customer success story.

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