Best Practices for Deploying MongoDB Atlas on AWS

PublishedOctober 28, 2020

Learn how MongoDB Atlas and AWS make the dream team for your deployments. Together, they incorporate optimizations and automated best practices to increase performance, availability, and security for all your MongoDB deployments on AWS.

In this webinar, we review:

  • The benefits of MongoDB Atlas and AWS
  • Data + Analytics on AWS, including MongoDB Atlas Data Lake
  • A live demo of MongoDB Atlas
  • Best practices for MongoDB Atlas deployment on AWS

Additionally, James Fairweather, Chief Innovation Officer at Pitney Bowes, joined us for an exclusive Q&A.

You’ll learn why Pitney Bowes chose MongoDB Atlas on AWS as the company shifted focus on to modernization, event-driven architecture, and data-as-a-service, a true digital transformation.

Leveraging Atlas on AWS has allowed Pitney Bowes to keep operational costs low, maintain high availability, and securely accelerate pace of innovation, making it an ideal partnership.

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