The Best of Both Worlds: Speeding Up Drug Research with MongoDB & Oracle (Genentech)

PublishedJune 25, 2014
Host(s)MongoDB World 2014, Doug Garrett

Genentech Research and Early Development (gRED) develops drugs for significant unmet medical needs. Key to this effort is providing Investigators with new genetic strains of animals needed to understand disease causes and test new drugs. While these genetic strains have increased greatly in complexity, technology improvements have increased accuracy and throughput while reducing the cost of genetic testing. This has led to an effort to redevelop the Genetic Analysis Lab system to reduce the time needed to introduce new lab instruments from months to weeks or even days. Important to this initiative has been the introduction of MongoDB to capture the variety of data generated by genetic tests and integrate it with the existing Oracle RDBMS environment. Not only has it proved fairly easy to integrate the two, but we have been able to take advantage of the strengths of MongoDB to provide a flexible schema and Oracle to provide transaction management and integration with the existing information system.