presentation How We Used MongoDB To Help Make Film More Inclusive

PublishedJune 9, 2020

What do The Social Network, Harry Potter, The Original Star Wars Trilogy and Toy Story all have in common? None of these great films pass the Bechdel Test. The Bechdel Test asks whether a film meets all of the following criteria:

  1. It includes at least two women,

  2. who have at least one conversation,

  3. about something other than a man or men.

In this talk, we will discuss how a brother and sister team created,, a film script parsing tool that automatically tests film scripts to determine whether or not they pass the Bechdel Test in a fraction of a second. We discuss the technical details of how we created the tools, including how we used MongoDB to help us scale and create new insights and discoveries. We will also cover highlights from our academic research that has emerged as a result of this software.