MongoDB vs Imitators: Why Choose MongoDB


MongoDB is a general-purpose, multi-model database that supports modern, mission-critical applications around the globe. Developers have consistently ranked MongoDB as one of the most wanted databases, which has led other database providers to emulate the MongoDB API for their users. Cosmos DB is a prominent example of this, although it does not offer the same ease of use, performance, or functionality. In this webinar, we will explore the key differences between MongoDB and the Cosmos DB API emulator for MongoDB to help you decide which database is right for your applications.

During the session we will be covering:

  • MongoDB technology fundamentals, including data modeling using the document model and MongoDB architecture
  • Introduction to MongoDB Atlas, our cloud-based application data platform
  • A comparative analysis of MongoDB and Cosmos DB including queries, performance, deployment, management, scalability, monitoring, backup and recovery, and total cost of ownership
  • How to seamlessly migrate from Cosmos DB to MongoDB
  • Customer stories and use-cases

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