Steve Francia joins 10gen as Chief Solutions Architect

About two years ago a friend introduced me to a different kind of database. It was one of the many new NoSQL solutions entering the marketplace. I spent the next month vetting it along with the other NoSQL databases and concluded that MongoDB would be the solution that would change the way development happened and in a big way.

Over the past two years I led OpenSky to pioneer e-commerce with MongoDB, building the first e-commerce site powered by MongoDB and one of the first MongoDB-backed PHP sites. Along the way I gave a few presentations . We advanced the use of MongoDB within the PHP and Mule communities by creating the open source library Doctrine MongoDB ODM, an extension of the Doctrine project, as well as the Mule driver for MongoDB.

Choosing MongoDB was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. Switching from MySQL to MongoDB enabled OpenSky to build our platform in 3 months, halving our time to market. With its dynamic schema and replica sets, we didn't need to worry about schema changes or struggling with replication and were able to focus on releasing a great product. As soon as OpenSky launched we experienced rapid growth. Each month doubled the volume of the prior month. MongoDB enabled us to easily handle the increased traffic while letting us focus on making our customers happy.

Fast forward to today where I am pleased to announce my new role as the Chief Solutions Architect at 10gen. In this role I will lead the public side of the engineering organization including integration, evangelism, support and consulting. I will be bringing to this role my experience as an engineer, architect and executive building innovative products and companies since 1995.

I look forward to the new challenges, opportunities and friends this new role will provide and hope to help advance the adoption and usability of MongoDB.