Vishy Karra joins 10gen as VP Engineering

Hi, my name is Vishy Karra and I recently joined 10gen as VP, Engineering. I'm writing to share my thoughts on why I joined 10gen.

I have spent most of my adult life thinking about and working on database issues - through my graduate studies at UW-Madison and then in the industry first at Sybase and then Oracle. A big part of the reason I left Oracle 7 years ago to join VMware was my view that database technology had matured to the point that no major innovation was required.

I was clearly wrong :-)

MongoDB is the leader of a new breed of databases that have risen in the past few years as a reaction by developers to the constraints imposed on them and their applications by the relational data model, and the challenges they face in scaling their application out in a cost-effective manner.

Dwight and Eliot did not create MongoDB in an ivory tower and hope that people would find use-cases for it. They went about creating the database they wished they had in their previous jobs. The list of production deployments built on MongoDB (Production Sites) is impressive. It not only includes a who's who of web-based companies such as foursquare, Shutterfly, Craigslist etc. but a growing list of enterprise customers that are finding the flexible Mongo data model and ease of scaling out a perfect combination to rapidly build and deploy applications.

Can MongoDB replace traditional databases such as Oracle in all use-cases? No, but the list of use-cases for which MongoDB works very well (Use Cases) is impressive and growing.

I attended MongoSF earlier this year (MongoSF2011) and was blown away by the turnout (over 800 with several more on the waiting list) and the energy at the conference. I watched the attendees queue up patiently to hear 10gen developers talk about features they were working on, and overheard hallway discussions between developers comparing MongoDB to the other non-relational databases in the market. My takeaway from that day is that MongoDB is real and is here to stay.

I feel like we are at the start of something big. It's too early to tell just quite how big, but I'm signing up to be a part of this movement rather than stay on the sidelines.

I welcome your thoughts on 10gen, MongoDB and the non-relational database market. I can be reached at my first name at