Grab data first, structure it later

Gwen Shapira nails one of the best aspects of NoSQL, generally, and MongoDB, particularly, in her “Love Your MongoDB” post. Namely, the freedom a dynamic schema offers developers. She writes:

MongoDB supports the most important paradigm of the post-relational-database era: Grab data first, structure it later. As much as DBAs don't want to hear about it - the requirement to define a data model and schema before you start collecting data creates serious friction on the starting phases of development.

As she goes on to point out, this doesn’t mean that developers should be blasé about their schema. It’s a database: you can’t neglect your data model and expect your application to perform well.

MongoDB, like any other database, also requires operational commitment. At 10gen, we’ve been continuously improving the operational aspects of MongoDB, which will only increase over time as we seek to drive both developer productivity and operational efficiency.

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