Guest post: runs Turkey's Internet on MongoDB About SPP42

This is a guest post by Emrah Ozcelebi, CEO of SPP42, a leading NoSQL consultancy in Turkey.

Nokta, one of the largest Internet companies in Turkey, knows what it means to operate at scale. The Internet leader reaches over 84% of all Turkish Internet users, and its video platform,, delivers more than 2.7 million videos with over 2 billion page views and significant video views. As a Facebook Timeline launch partner, Nokta’s also enables significant video sharing on Facebook. Finally, Nokta also operates Turkey’s leading photo sharing site, Foto Kritik, as well as a blogging site, Blogcu, that welcomes more than 13 million unique monthly users.

At the heart of all this data is MongoDB.

But Nokta got off to a rough start with MongoDB, due primarily to poor configuration and an inappropriate use case. Working together, 10gen and SPP42 were able to turn things around. First we got in touch with Nokta’s game department. Its Facebook implemantation of a local board game, OkeyHane was built on PHP, Java and Flash technologies with an open-source RDBMS as the database back-end. We were able to replace this relational database with MongoDB and significantly improve performance.

It didn’t take long for Nokta’s software developers to realize that the flexibility of BSON gives extreme agility to the development team. Soon the MongoDB replicaset behind OkeyHane proved itself to be highly stable in production, in addition to being very easy to maintain and administer a MongoDB replicaset compared to other RDBMS solutions.

After MongoDB proved itself stable in the midst of a difficult “war zone,” Nokta decided to extend its adoption by also using MongoDB in its flagship product, Nokta also elected to employ MongoDB in its homegrown advertisement platform, which feeds all its sites and delivers ads to 15,000 to 40,000 concurrent users.

In order to meet the real-time requirements of the advertisement system, we helped to stabilize MongoDB installations. The middleware is built with the Akka concurrent programming framework with Scala language, with Spray being used as Rest API layer. We worked with great guys from like Erdem Agaoglu (@agaoglu) and Hakan Kocakulak who are also highly skilled in Hadoop and HBase. After the proven success of battle-hardened MongoDB installations in the ad-serving application, the developers became more eager to use MongoDB for storing metadata about users and videos. Nokta is now planning to replace all of its open-source RDBMS implementations with MongoDB.

Of course, at that level of traffic, there is no single silver bullet to solve all problems. The skilled development team is aware of that and willing to try new technologies. SPP42 and Nokta are working together to deliver better services to Nokta’s users by combining different NoSQL solutions such as Hadoop and Neo4J. With help from 10Gen, we are able to offer better, integrated solutions to meet Nokta’s demands.

There is a great wind filling NoSQL’s sails in Turkey. Although adoption is still at a very early stage, we are finding great success (and plenty of MongoDB interest) as a 10gen partner in Turkey. Companies like Nokta are able to achieve serious scale and improved developer productivity with MongoDB, helped by working with an experienced local partner like SPP42.

SPP42 is a Turkey-based consulting and training company specializing in decision support systems and business intelligence. Since its founding, SPP42 has delivered top-level open source consultancy and training services - mainly Java, Pentaho, Jasper and Python solutions over OpenStack, OpenShift and MongoDB and other NoSQL solutions.

SPP42’s services include end-to-end integration solutions, from development and architecture to implementation. SPP42 works with Turkey’s leading companies and helps them stay on the bleeding edge of technological innovation. We help them plan the migration from its existing technologies to newer ones so that our customers are always competitive globally.

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