Social media service Buffer runs MongoDB

It’s not exactly news that Buffer runs MongoDB. In 2011, Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich blogged that Buffer was migrating from MySQL to MongoDB in order to better scale to accommodate user growth. A year and a half later, Buffer has grown to 450,000 users and nearly $1 million in revenue, all with just $400,000 in angel funding (from some pretty impressive angels).

But it’s news to me. I love Buffer and use it daily to schedule tweets. (@mjasay) When I found out that one of my favorite services was using MongoDB as its data infrastructure, I just had to call it out.

Widrich writes of the migration:

We moved from MySQL, a database system, over to another one. All the mechanisms that send your Tweets, store your Twitter accounts, your analytics and more has changed. We moved to a new database system called MongoDB. What this meant in terms of development was to write the whole code for Buffer anew so it works with this new system.
The reason we swapped to this new system were mainly growing pains and issues as we are expanding to other networks. Buffer is about to expand to Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin. In order to do this, we had to significantly ramp up our servers and do all the expansion work with a new database. Another key issue was that we just had so many users, that the site slowed down for many of you. MongoDB, the new system, will handle a lot of our scaling issues a lot better than the existing one.

All of which is nice, as it gives me bragging rights with my parents. But the truly important thing is the user experience. If you’ve used Buffer, especially lately since the design refresh, you know (and have said) that Buffer is awesome. Not awesome because it uses MongoDB. Awesome because Joel, Leo, and Tom, the founder and co-founders, respectively, have built a great service that fills a real need.

At 10gen, we’re just happy to be an integral part of the data infrastructure that enables it. But we know that the credit belongs to the Buffer team that have made such a great service.

- Posted by Matt Asay, VP of Corporate Strategy

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