Get Ready for MongoSV: MongoDB Ops Track

For the first time at MongoSV, 10gen will offer a full track dedicated to operations for those interested in learning about the maintenance strategies and best practices for your MongoDB clusters. This track will include introductory and advanced sessions covering topics such as performance tuning and deployment. Here are some highlights to expect in the ops track:

MongoDB Sharding with Brandon Black:

This session will review MongoDB's sharding support, including an architectural overview, design principles, and strategies for automating load distribution. You will also gain insight into how to choose a shard key, which is an important design decision for building successful system.

Advanced Sharding Features with Bernie Hackett:

If you would like to take an in-depth look at shard keys and look at multi-data center and tag aware sharding, this talk will give you the full details. Attendees should be well versed in basic sharding and familiar with concepts in the morning’s basic sharding talk.

Capacity Planning with Scott Hernandez:

Deploying MongoDB can be a challenge if you don’t understand how resources are used nor how to plan for the capacity of your systems. If you need to deploy, or grow, a MongoDB single instance, replica set, or tens of sharded clusters then you probably share the same challenges in trying to size that deployment. This talk will cover what resources MongoDB uses, and how to plan for their use in your deployment. Topics covered will include understanding how to model and plan capacity needs from the perspective of a new deployment, growing an existing one, and defining where the steps along scalability on your path to the top. The goal of this presentation will be to provide you with the tools needed to be successful in managing your MongoDB capacity planning tasks.

Journaling and the Storage Engine with Antoine Girbal:

In this session, you'll look under the hood and gain an understanding of MongoDB's storage architecture. Understanding these concepts should help you understand how you can ensure that your data is safe.

Lessons from the Field: Performance and Operations with Scott Hernandez:

The format of this talk is an interactive and fun adventure through some real-world cases and best practices of large deployments. This session will touch on backups, network availability, performance pitfalls, indexing/schema-design, log management, monitoring and alerting along with some good examples of diagnostic techniques with a goal of finding good solutions.

MongoDB Security Features:

In this talk, VP of Products and Services Ron Avnur will discuss security features for MongoDB 2.4

There will also be a number of community talks on operations with other technologies, such as Nathen Harvey's talk on MongoDB and Chef and Miles Ward’s talk on Optimizing Your MongoDB Database on AWS.

For all other MongoDB Ops topics and questions, head to the MongoSV Community forum at the conference. At the forum, you can sit down with 10gen engineers at the ...Ask the Experts“ tables, and speak with 10gen Co-Founders and Dwight Merriman and Eliot Horowitz at the afternoon whiteboard session. Learn more about MongoSV and the Community Forum at

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