Get Ready for MongoSV: MongoDB for Beginners

With over 150,000 downloads a month, the MongoDB community is growing fast, and new users are looking to gain expertise on how to best utilize the database for their own applications. MongoSV, 10gen's annual conference on December 4 with over 50 sessions from 10gen engineers and MongoDB users from around the world, will give you the opportunity to evaluate the database and explore possible use cases with the experts. To help you get the most from your day at MongoSV, here are some select sessions for you to attend if you're just beginning to explore MongoDB.

MongoDB Basics
When getting started it's important to understand the core differences between MongoDB and traditional SQL datastores. Morning sessions on MongoDB Schema Design, Indexing, Replication and Aggregation will give you a thorough overview of the core features and storage model to get a better glimpse at why so many developers have made MongoDB their database of choice.

Building An App Track with Eliot Horowitz
If you enjoy learning by doing, this series of sessions, led by 10gen co-founder and MongoDB core contributor Eliot Horowitz and 10gen engineer Shaun Verch, will walk you through building an IRC chat server on MongoDB from start to finish. This will introduce you to core concepts in MongoDB from managing data to spinning up replica sets and server monitoring. This track runs includes four sessions of deep-dive, live coding. By the end you will have gained familiarity with MongoDB's core concepts and have a fully-functioning IRC server and message bus.

Bringing MongoDB into Your Next Project
How we evaluated MongoDB as a Relational Database Replacement: Get an in-depth look at how Apollo group tested MongoDB for their learning platform, the University of Phoenix. This thorough overview, reproduced in a case study, will give you insight into how to evaluate MongoDB for your organization.

How to Use MongoDB Monitoring Service: When you're first getting your MongoDB deployment up and running, it's important to have intelligence on your servers to diagnose and resolve issues in a timely manner. This session will introduce you to MongoDB Monitoring Service, 10gen's operational intelligence tool to help you gain insights into your MongoDB clusters.

MongoDB at is now using MongoDB for all new initiatives and installations. This talk will go through lessons learned from their first project, including best practices for data modeling and prototyping.

We will also have a range of case studies that will give you insight into other MongoDB use cases.

  • Sailthru: From Cloud to Colo, Ian White, CTO and Co-Founder, Sailthru
  • MongoDB at foursquare: From Cloud to Bare Metal, Jon Hoffman, Infrastructure Server Lead, foursquare
  • Managing Large Data Streams with MongoDB, Tao Cheng, System Architect, AOL
  • Real-time Location Discovery using MongoDB, Fredrik Björk, Director of Engineering, Banjo
  • MongoDB Multi-Dimension Spatial Indexing, Nick Knitze, Geospatial Engineer, Thermopylea
  • High Performance Real-time Analytics, David Mytton, Founder, Server Density.
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