MongoDB workshop at the All Your Base conference

This November, 10gen will offer training at the ...All Your Base“ conference.

Running on November 23, ...All Your Base“ aims to deliver a day of exploring NoSQL technologies, RDMS and client side technologies with talks from the worlds leading experts - and Alvin Richards, EMEA’s senior technical director for 10gen, will deliver an exclusive one-day workshop on MongoDB before the conference starts.

Seats are limited for this introductory workshop where Alvin will walk attendees through MongoDB’s core concepts. Through a combination of demos and exercises to explore topics including schema design, querying, replication, sharding and basic administration, Alvin will bring you up to speed on everything you need to know to bring a MongoDB sample app into production.

The course is intended to create a foundation that developers can build on in their applications. Workshop places must be purchased separately from conference tickets, and are available from the All Your Base website here.

Having recently launched two free online MongoDB training courses - MongoDB for Developers and MongoDB for DBAs - the Introduction to MongoDB workshop at ...All Your Base“ provides a place to start for anyone new to MongoDB

As well as the Intro to MongoDB workshop, Alvin will be delivering a presentation to the conference ...You’ve built your application, so what next?“.

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in startups in the archiving, SaaS and Java instrumentation domains Alvin will look at what happens when you build a product or feature that is wildly successful - and need to take the next step to scale it.

Alvin will also explore how technologies like MongoDB, the leader in the NoSQL market, can be used to scale your data persistence and caching layer.

10gen’s “Introduction to MongoDB” workshop is on November 22, the day before the conference — get a discount of £25 by using promotional code “speaker”. You can find out more about the conference and get your ticket here.

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