Get Ready for MongoDB Chicago

MongoDB Chicago is coming to the Windy City on November 13, and this year features new presentation topics, including Improved Analytics with MongoDB via the New Aggregation Framework, and Deployment Preparedness.

At MongoDB days around the world many attendees are just learning about or evaluating MongoDB to see if it is the right fit for their use case. Others are already in development or using MongoDB in production, and are looking for a little more depth or are interested in best practices to optimize their use of MongoDB.

To help you get the most from your day at MongoDB Chicago, here's some select talks for you to attend based on what you'd like to get out of MongoDB.

Optimizing MongoDB

  • Indexing and Query Optimization with Richard Kreuter, 10gen
  • The Joy of Cooking: Deploying MongoDB with Chef by Nathen Harvey, OpsCode
  • Advanced Shell Tips and Tricks with Richard Kreuter, 10gen

Learning About or Evaluating MongoDB for a Future Project

  • Building Your First App with MongoDB with Jenna deBoisblanc, 10gen
  • Schema Design with Chad Tindel, 10gen
  • Replication and Replica Sets with Jeremy Mikola, 10gen
  • Sharding with Chad Tindel, 10gen
  • Mobilize Your MongoDB! Developing iPhone and Android Apps in the Cloud Grant Shipley, RedHat

Learn From Other MongoDB Production Deployments

  • Using MongoDB for SEM Optimization with Tal Kedar, Sears Holdings
  • Schema Documentation and Design Using a Mind Map with Tavo De Leon, Steelhead Consulting
  • MongoDB for Analytics with John Nunemaker, Github
  • Municipal Government Meets NoSQL with Brett Goldstein, Commissioner of the City of Chicago

As you work through the schedule at MongoDB Chicago feel free to ask 10gen staff for help or advice if you have any questions.

In addition to the full day conference, 10gen are also offering two in-depth, hands-on MongoDB workshops the day before the conference. Workshop tickets include free admission to MongoDB Chicago on November 12.

Choose from workshops on Schema design and architecture and Operations Hands-On â€â€ù these workshops are modules taken from our 3 day 10gen public trainings, which are currently offered only in New York, San Francisco, and London.

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