He said, she said: Analyzing the Big Data conversation

Big Data is a big deal, but sometimes the realities of Big Data adoption get lost in the hype about its possibilities.

It’s therefore interesting to see how IT and data science practitioners talk about Big Data versus how analysts and media discuss it. According to a new SiliconAngle TrendConnect analysis of Big Data-related Twitter posts, IT is focused on practical technology solutions, with Hadoop and MongoDB at rough parity and dominating the conversation.

Media and analysts? They’re talking at a much higher level about “Big Data” more generically.

This makes sense, given that IT and data scientists can’t really afford to spend much time on theory: they must solve (increasingly data-driven) business problems. The media and analysts, for their parts, play a useful role in contextualizing the meaning and value of data.

It would be great to see more media coverage of the tools used to build Big Data solutions, and help practitioners navigate the nuts-and-bolts of a successful Big Data strategy. In other words, let’s hear more about how to use MongoDB and Hadoop, perhaps together, and not just talk about the impact of data.

After all, it feels like people generally understand the value of data. What’s still missing is tangible instruction on how to implement the tools for harnessing data.